35 mm Film Processing

35mm Film Processing at the Photo Studio in Tewkesbury, we specialise in High Quality 35mm film processing on the premises with award winning service using Fuji Crystal Archive  paper.  We are monitored by Fuji to ensure the highest quality processing is always provided.   Please contact us for details.


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Film processing prices below, we normally process on Thursday.

12 exp£8.00£9.50£11.50£12.50£20.25£22.25
ex set£2.75£3.75£4.75£5.75£11.00£12.00
24 exp£10.00£12.00£14.00£15.00£26.25£28.25
ex set£3.50£6.50£9.00£10.00£20.00£22.00
36 exp£12.00£14.00£17.00£18.00£38.25£40.25
ex set£5.00£9.75£12.00£13.00£30.00£33.00

If we are processing and you would like your film processed the same day prices are below.

12 exp£10.00£11.50£13.50£14.50£22.25£24.25
ex set£3.75£5.75£6.75£7.75£13.00£14.00
24 exp£12.00£14.00£16.00£17.00£28.25£30.25
ex set£5.50£8.50£11.00£12.00£22.00£24.00
36 exp£14.00£16.00£19.00£20.00£40.25£42.25
ex set£7.00£11.75£14.00£15.00£32.00£35.00