Prints From Slides

We scan your slides and individually check them and adjust colour and exposure, using the latest Digital ICE.

These prices also apply for bulk scanning of prints or old medium format black and white negatives.

We charge a price per image scanned. For prints from slides or bulk print from print orders, please add the total prints required together to give the price per print which should be added to the scan price total. Eg 36 slides is going to cost 65p per slide, 1 set 4 x 6 prints would be 36p per print, but you require 2 sets of prints 4 x 6 , the cost will be 25p per print.

1 - 5£1.25£1.00£1.75£2.75£3.25£4.50£4.70
6 - 11£1.00£0.67£1.25£1.75£1.90£2.89£3.58
12 - 23£0.75£0.54£0.82£1.11£1.25£2.31£2.86
24 - 35£0.70£0.46£0.70£0.95£1.07£1.96£2.43
36 - 49£0.65£0.39£0.60£0.81£0.91£1.67£2.07
50 -99£0.60£0.31£0.48£0.65£0.73£1.34£1.66
100 - 299£0.55£0.23£0.36£0.49£0.56

The files will be returned on a dvd that is suitable for pc, but not suitable for most televisions. We can provide a separate dvd for tv use, but these are not suitable for printing from.

Extra dvd for tv £7.50

duplicate dvd £5.00

Slides are returned with your order. Any postage costs are charged to return orders.